The Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium

In February 2011, the Government of Nepal officially launched the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC). The NRRC is a unique body that unites the Government of Nepal, the international financial institutions of the Asian Development Bank and World Bank, development partners and donors, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the United Nations as members in the Steering Committee of the NRRC.

The NRRC works to bridge the spectrum of activity of development and humanitarian expertise, supporting the Government of Nepal in implementing a long term Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan. The work of the NRRC builds on the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management which was approved in 2009.

Based on the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management, the NRRC has identified 5 flagship priorities for risk reduction. These priorities are:

  1. School and Hospital Safety
  2. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  3. Flood Management
  4. Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction
  5. Policy and Institutional Support for Disaster Risk Management

NRRC Communications Group

Communication to the public is vital to ensure better preparedness. Work related to this currently exists under all Flagships and is carried out through a variety of mechanisms by multiple partners. By better coordinating such public information work, sharing information on work already planned, and harmonizing messages and approaches, we would hope to have greater and more sustained reach. The messaging would have a stronger impact if it can be delivered in the name of the Government.  In 2011, the NRRC Secretariat commissioned a communications strategy that was then endorsed by a subset of the NRRC Steering Committee. This strategy recommended that communication on disaster risk reduction should be harmonized to avoid mixed messages to the public, avoid confusions and maximize impact.

In order to support coordinated communications and common messaging, the NRRC established the NRRC Communications Group. This Group is chaired by the Ministry of Home Affairs with BBC Media Action supporting as a technical lead. The purpose of the NRRC Communications Group is to bring government and partners together to agree to common messages for disaster risk reduction and to coordinate communications activities. The use of common messages will ensure that the public is receiving consistent and reinforcing information on how to reduce risk and prepare for disaster.