Be Prepared: Drop, Cover and Hold On and Have an Emergency Bag

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Oxfam Nepal produced and dstributed PSAs to convey:

1) In your home, school or workplace, learn and practice the safety position which you should adopt in an earthquake. This is called Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Drop down low to make yourself small. Then cover your head and neck with your arms. These two actions will help to protect you from falling objects. If there is strong furniture nearby such as a table, hold on to it. This will also help to protect you. Once you have assumed this safety position, stay where you are until the shaking stops.

2) Have an emergency bag ready for your family. This should contain essential items you will need immediately after a flood or landslide. Contents: a torch and batteries, a small radio, enough dry food such as beaten rice or instant noodles for one day, a plastic bottle of drinking water, a bottle of Piyush chlorine drops for purifying drinking water, a basic medical kit and photocopies of your ID cards. Store the bag in a safe place that is easily reached.